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This online portal is focusing on TVET news and articles. The content on our website is put together by researchers, professors, and other experts. Here you can find a TVET definition. If you have an interesting TVET story to tell, then we want to hear from you! => Contribute to the TVET Journal.

In this article series we cover national TVET systems: policy, funding, frameworks, system reform, gender, TVET for sustainable development etc.

challenges to TVET in developing countries-min

9 Challenges to TVET in Developing Countries

A summary of common challenges in TVET across various developing economies.

unemployment (2)

Ways to ease Youth Unemployment

Read about 8 different tactics on battling youth unemployment and underemployment in developing economies.

TVET culture-min

Culture: A Challenge to TVET

Impact of culture on TVET, how culture and attitudes affect technical and vocational education and training.

Everything about TVET institutions (high schools, colleges, polytechnics), managing TVET, marketing TVET, industry collaboration etc.


Improving TVET Facilities and Equipment

Guidelines for improving TVET facilities and purchasing technical training equipment.


Employability Skills for TVET Graduates

How can technical and vocational schools help their students to be ready for work?

Education & Industry partnerships-min

Partnerships with industry in TVET

Partnerships between industry and technical and vocational education and training. Read about 11 effective steps.

All about searching, comparing and evaluating TVET tools, lab equipment, didactic products, teaching systems, machines and learning technology.
TVET focus on digital education 3-min

Why TVET Must Focus on Digital Education

Current trends, and 9 tactics on how to make TVET more adapted to a digital world.

How to find best TVET equipment

Search and evaluate the best tools for your training center. A guide saving educators and trainers lots of time and money.

The future of TVET 1-min

The future of TVET

The job market is changing and the demands on TVET have to meet these expectations. We think about technology's impact on TVET.

Recent TVET articles

TVET Teacher Training: The Model that Does Not Work

Overcoming technical skills deficit in TVET graduates. How to think about upskilling TVET teachers in technical skills.

Edquip sponsors TVET Journal

TVET Journal has produced relevant content since 2007, now the online publication has found itself with a new sponsor for a foreseeable future. The online marketplace for didactic technology, Edquip.

7 Reasons Why Career Planning is a Must in TVET Institutions

Why career planning should be taken seriously in TVET institutions.

A More Effective Approach for Government in TVET

As Governments downsize, they are looking for partnerships in delivering services, especially in TVET. Which role should stay with Government?

10 Management Tips for TVET Leaders

Today's TVET demand leaders who have the courage to take risks to drive innovation. In this article we have listed 10 actionable tips for improving your TVET institution.

A Basic Marketing Plan for a Small Public TVET Institution

Public organizations can do a lot to improve their marketing and communications. Here are some actionable tips for improving your TVET marketing.

Levy System in TVET

The levy-grant model is the most common way of funding TVET, but is this the most effective? Here we discuss 3 different levy-grant models.

Reinventing the Government Technical College

Demand for Higher level TVET Training is increasing when employers are more focused on skills than accolades. How does that impact technical colleges?

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