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Below you can read more about the forms of partnerships and the benefits for your organization.

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Forms of Partnerships

1. Donations

To keep publications on TVET Journal free of charge for individual researchers, TVET Journal accepts one-time or recurring donations of any size from individuals and organizations.

2. Advertising

Sponsored Content

Publish a promotional article or a series of articles about your organization’s project or event in TVET. Gain exposure to thousands of TVET Journal’s monthly readers.

Benefit from the “evergreen content”: your article will remain online & improve visibility of your organization for a very long time.

Display Banners

Place banners on various pages of TVET Journal website. Choose between monthly and yearly exposure.

3. Project Partnerships

Include TVET Journal as a media & dissemination partner into your consortium or project proposal. We cover your project, it’s milestones and outcomes.

4. Sponsorship

TVET Journal is looking for long-term support agreements with organizations which share our mission to promote research in technical and vocational education and training. 

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What You Support

We have various types of operational costs associated to the management of TVET Journal, for example:

  • Editorial Services: costs associated to content development and editorial services, proof reading, copy editing and formatting.
  • Technical Infrastructure: costs associated to technical infrastructure, such as website design, website development, website hosting etc.
  • Marketing & Outreach, such as promoting the journal, conference attendance, reaching out to new authors and readers.

Sponsoring TVET Journal will directly help to cover operational costs, and thereby support our mission.

Your Benefits

When partnering with TVET Journal, your organization will benefit as per below: 

Research Promotion: Partnering with an open access journal helps promote cutting-edge research in the field, which can help establish yourself and your company as a thought leader and innovator.

Knowledge Dissemination: By partnering with TVET Journal, you support dissemination of knowledge and information. It helps to advance your field of interest and benefits the wider academic community.

Support for Open Science: Becoming partner of an open access journal aligns with the values of open science and demonstrates your commitment to promoting transparency, collaboration, and access to information.

Brand Exposure: Access TVET Journal’s wide reach and high visibility in the TVET field, and boost your company’s brand exposure and recognition.

Networking Opportunities: Partnering with us can provide opportunities for your company to network and collaborate with researchers and institutions in the TVET field, leading to new partnerships and opportunities.

Reputation: By supporting high-quality research and knowledge dissemination, you can enhance your reputation and establish yourself as a trusted and responsible player in the TVET field.