World Bank Education Team, an opinion editorial


Many returning readers have enjoyed the past articles we have covered on the World Bank funded EASTRIP project. If you missed these articles, there are links to them further down the article. Now, we are very happy to present an opinion editorial from the world bank education team leaders in East Africa, written by Xiaoyan … Read more

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Technical and vocational colleges in East Africa record fourfold increase in student enrolment

Students during a practical session at Arusha Technical College

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges in East Africa supported by the World Bank-funded East African Skills for Transformation Project (EASTRIP) have recorded more than fourfold increase in student enrolment, according to the mid-term evaluation report of the project. The report undertaken to review the project performance at its mid-term, revealed that the … Read more

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EASTRIP – East Africa Skills for Transformation and Regional Integration Project

Dr Joseph Cosam from EASTRIP speaking in front of audience

The East Africa Skills for Transformation and Regional Integration Project (EASTRIP) is a five-year project funded by the World Bank and the Governments of Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania to increase access and improve quality of TVET programs offered by the selected Regional Flagship Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Institutes (RFTIs). The TVET Journal spoke … Read more

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Dual training in practice, welding skills in Kenya

welding students in full welding protection in front of building

This article will focus on the programs provided in partnership with Tullow Oil, Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) Foundation, and The Government of Kenya through the LAPPSET Corridor Project, International Labour Organisation (PROSPECTS), Kenya Association of Manufacturers and the County Governments of Turkana and Garissa County. This article is a guest post submitted by Mariam Jebet … Read more

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The Need for New Pathways in TVET Delivery

It is not too late for Government skills development managers to reach beyond the linear, step by step delivery system in TVET. It is now time to explore and search for more inclusive ways to engage the country’s workforce in mastering new technologies to live better, and the economy can get into a higher gear. … Read more

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A More Effective Approach for Government in TVET

Government usually plays a primary role in directly managing the delivery of core social services such as health, education, social welfare and access programs. As governments downsize, they may look for multiple suppliers and providers of services in areas in which partnership participation is possible. As an example, in the Philippines, 80% of University education … Read more

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TVET definition: the TVET meaning and what it stands for

TVET definition: TVET stands for Technical and Vocational Education and Training. Let’s dissect the meaning of each word from the accronym TVET: Technical refers to: subject matters that are technical in nature, relating to hardware and software, including trouble shooting practises and engineering processes. Vocational relates to: an occupation or an employment, often referring to … Read more

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8 Ways to Ease Youth Unemployment and Underemployment

Millions of school youth are currently unemployed or underemployed. This number increases per year for various reasons. Some cannot follow an academic curriculum. Others do not have an interest in school work. For many, families do not have the money to support them in schools, and they need to contribute to family revenue by helping … Read more

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Reinventing the Government Technical College

In many countries, government technical colleges and training institutions are restructuring to meet the demands of the new economy evolving faster than the rockets its building . The requirement is much more than simply adding an IT section or a new programme in automated manufacturing. In fact, the whole environment in which these institutions have worked is … Read more

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The Impact of a Massive Shift in TVET Demand

The last 10 years has had a massive impact on the demand for the skills and numbers of TVET graduates in developed economies. The final triumph of computerization in every facet of economic life and those without basic computer management capabilities are squeezed further and further into two very narrow employment corrals. At the bottom, … Read more

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