How to get published in TVET Journal

Thank you for your interest in writing for, we appreciate it!

Below you can find information and guidelines for individual researchers on how to get published and tips on how to write a great article for TVET Journal.

For organizations, please read more here.

How to get started:


Our aim is to provide our readers with great content they cannot find elsewhere. Therefore we expect 100% original content. If the article or post has been published on another site, blog, book, app or if the content has been plagiarized somehow we will not post it, or remove it.


Our aim is to deliver easily digestible content about TVET. Make sure your article is not overly academic in its language, rather make it simple, warm, friendly and personable. Write as if you’re talking to a friend over a casual lunch.


You can write about any of our three main topics; TVET systems, TVET institutions, TVET tools, more about these topics on our About page. We only accept high quality content which is free of spelling and grammar mistakes. Furthermore, you need to know your stuff and your content must be helpful for our readers.

Please note: we do not accept submissions that are not related to the field of Workforce and Skills development, more precisely Technical & Vocational Education & Training (TVET).

Word count

Your post must be a minimum of 1,000 words to be published on

Share with your community

When your article is published, share it with your social media and email community, we will do the same. When your post is gathering a lot of visitor traffic we will put it on the front page of TVET Journal from time to time.

When accepted

Our guest writers are not financially compensated. If your article is accepted, there is no article publishing charge (APC).

Any guest writers will be mentioned by name and professional title at the top of the article, with a link to a professional profile (i.e. LinkedIn, Xing, Academia etc.).

Before submitting

The guest writer is assumed to agree to the TVET Journal terms of service and privacy policy, if you do not agree to these terms, do not submit your article for publishing with TVET Journal.

Please understand that our editorial staff has full discretion to edit your article and headline as needed. We also have the right to refuse any articles not meeting our requirements.

Why write for TVET Journal?

Share your projects and experiences, support others and make a difference in their lives.

Give back to your professional community of TVET educators, administrators and decision makers.

Connect with readers on a global scale, we have thousands or monthly readers from all around the world.

Be featured on our social media channels and in our regular email updates.

Get a high quality backlink to your professional profile, this helps for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and drives visitor traffic.

Tips on writing a great Guestpost article

To support you in the process of writing great content we have given some top advice as per below.

Pick a topic: what is it you are knowledgeble and passionate about? What is the story you want to tell and why is it exciting for the wider TVET community?

Be clear and concise: write the article in an easy to read, straight forward and direct way. Work to get your message across clearly and remove any fluffy language.

Bring value: does your article provide any extra value to the reader? Are you linking to other useful articles and resources at TVET Journal or externally?

Be actionable: what are the outcomes for the reader? How can you inspire them to take action? Explain why and how to do something.

Share your sources: if you are making claims or quoting a scientific study, link to these credible sources so that the reader can follow up and draw their own conclusions.

How to submit an article

If you would like to submit a guest post, feel free to email our editor: contact TVET Journal.